On-line, true sinewave, double conversion technology for critical applications

MCP Series is now a legacy product, and is no longer available.
Click here for more information on the current equivalent, the Endeavor 6 & 10 kVA Tower.
MCP Series
Designed for:
  • Telecommunications and VoD
  • ISPs, critical servers, data centers, and Internetworking computers
  • High availability applications
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Intelligent Microprocessors
  • Constant Output Voltage Regulation
  • Input Power Factor Correction
  • Customizable I/O Configurations
  • SNMP-Ready
  • Free MINUTEMAN SentryII ™ Power Management and Diagnostic Software
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • $40,000 MINUTEMAN Platinum Protection Plan®

Spec sheets for both models

  • MCP 6001 - 208V or 240V input and 120V, 120V/120V in 2 segments, 208V, 120V/208V, 240V, or 120V/240V output
  • MCP 10001 - 208V or 240V input and 120V, 120V/120V in 2 segments, 208V, 120V/208V, 240V, or 120V/240V output
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Download Configuration Sign-Off Sheet PDF
This PDF contains a checklist of input/output options available for each model. **A signed configuration sheet is required for all MCP 6 & 10kVA orders.

  • MINUTEMAN SentryII ™ Power Management & Diagnostic Software - included with each MCP 6 & 10kVA model
  • MCP BP1 optional external battery pack provides extended backup runtime for any MCP 6 & 10kVA model
Additional resources

“Fail-Safe” Single-Phase Power Protection for Mission-Critical Applications
The MINUTEMAN Continuous Power (MCP) Series provides unparalleled power protection for applications where continuously supplied, true sinewave AC power is imperative. All 6 and 10 kVA models feature on-line double-conversion (AC-to-DC-to-AC) technology to supply clean, stable, true sinewave electrical power throughout all power disruptions – blackouts, brownouts, spikes, sags, and voltage irregularities. The dual output models (MCP 6001 and 10001) also feature isolation transformers.

Single or Dual Voltage Output, plus Unlimited Runtime Options
All MCP Series models can be hardwired directly into an electrical system and are available with configurable single or dual voltage output. In addition, by daisy-chaining optional MCP BP1 battery packs, an MCP Series UPS can provide unlimited runtime for mission-critical systems -- equipment that must remain continuously available during extended power blackouts.

Intelligent Microprocessors, DC Cold Start, and Continuous Voltage Regulation
Every MCP Series UPS features an on-board intelligent microprocessor to provide diagnostics, advanced battery monitoring and overcharging protection, self-testing capabilities, and audible and visual alarm displays. Power factor correction minimizes Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) that can corrupt the smooth AC sinewave needed by sensitive electronic devices. For added protection, MCP units provide DC cold start capability to power-up equipment from the battery when utility AC power is not available. The MCP Series regulates output voltage during brownout conditions without using the battery – even when input voltage drops as low as 27% below or as high as 33% above normal AC.

SNMP- and Network-Ready
The MCP Series becomes a fully manageable component of a network system when used with MINUTEMAN SentryII ™ power management and diagnostic software and an optional SNMP card. MINUTEMAN SentryII ™ software allows unattended shutdown, flexible event management, warning message broadcast, and multiple diagnostic and graphing tools. The MCP Series communications package includes a cable, user manual, and a CD with versions of MINUTEMAN SentryII ™ for all major operating systems.

The Strongest Warranty in the Industry
MCP Series models are covered by a free 2-year parts and labor warranty (including internal battery) and, in the U.S. and Canada, a $40,000 MINUTEMAN Platinum Protection Plan® covering properly connected equipment.

MCP control panel - front view diagram

MCP 6001 - back view diagram

MCP 10001 - back view diagram

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