Entrust Line Interactive Uninterruptible Power Supply

Line interactive simulated sine wave tower UPSs for servers, network devices, and phone systems

Entrust is now a legacy product - limited quantities are still available, contact your distributor for details.
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The Minuteman Entrust Series UPS offers automatic voltage regulation and slim-line profile perfect for a range of small to medium load applications.

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Entrust Series Overview

Big features, small price

The Minuteman Entrust Series UPS provides users all the features usually available in higher-priced UPS products to protect your valuable equipment: automatic voltage regulation, spike and surge protection, and battery backup.

Each unit has four outlets that provide battery support along with spike and surge protection. There are an additional four spike and surge protected outlets for accessory devices that dont require battery support. There are even two outlets that are specifically spaced to support transformer block items.

The ultra-slim footprint of the Entrust UPS is ideal for placement on, or under, a desk. Slim profile allows for installation vertically in tight spaces, including cabinets and rack shelves.

Additionally, Entrust products come with all the award-winning service and support capabilities offered by Para Systems, Inc. including a three-year warranty, (two-years on the battery), and a $75,000 Platinum Protection Plan.

  • Small Capacity Equipment Loads
  • Desktop/Laptop Workstations
  • Small Key Systems
  • VoIP Handsets
  • Low-power Network Devices

Entrust Features

  • USB Communications The Entrust Series has HID-compliant USB communications that is automatically recognized by all Windows software versions. No special drivers are required.
  • Buck/Boost Voltage Regulation Offers a more stable AC source during surge and sag events without constant use of internal batteries.
  • Slim-line Profile Provides users with the ability to install the Entrust Series in a variety of environments.
  • RoHS Compliant Compliant with European Economic Unions directive on the reduction of hazardous substances (RoHS), in electronic equipment.
  • SentryPlus Software SentryPlus auto-shutdown and monitoring software is included with every unit. No special downloads or coupons are required.
  • Larger Load Capacities Minuteman has increased the capacities of the models in the Entrust line, allowing the units to support larger power requirements.

ETR500 Back View


Entrust Online Spec Sheets powered by SizeMyUPS

  • ETR1000 1000VA tower/6 ft. power cord
  • ETR1500 1500VA tower/6 ft. power cord

Additional resources

Extended Warranty Plans

5 Full Years of Trouble-free Service - Guaranteed

Minuteman UPSs already ship with the best warranty in the business at 3 years, including non-prorated battery coverage on most products.

Two levels of Extended Warranty Plans are also available on most UPS product lines to provide an additional 2 years of coverage. These plans ensure a full 5 years of trouble-free ownership.

SentryPlus Power Manager

Get ultimate control over your power with SentryPlus

In todays complex world of data, networks, and software, control and management of applications is vital, especially when it comes to the power that is supplied to these devices.

SentryPlus, included free with all current Minuteman UPS systems, provides users and network managers a range of monitoring & managment tools for their power, allowing total control before, during, and after power problems.

With a simple connection to the UPS via USB or RS-232, SentryPlus provides the capability to configure UPSs, monitor power, and diagnose issues, all from secure connections on the network. This eliminates wasteful runs around the facility, saving time and money.

SentryPlus Benefits

  • Windows wizard guided, easy to operate
  • Supports the Microsoft Windows 2000/XP hibernation feature (Windows version only)
  • Auto-Save files and graceful operating system shutdown
  • Plan a schedule to shutdown, restart, test UPS and control receptacles
  • Programmable actions(FlexAction)
  • Notification via pager, e-mail, audible alarm, network broadcast and SNMP trap
  • Real-time meters display of UPS data(voltage, frequency, loading percentage,)
  • History data/graph and power event record for your analysis
  • Multi-computer shutdown/wakeup through TCP/IP network
  • Remote monitoring, control and configuration through TCP/IP network
  • Monitor all UPSs at a glance in a LAN
  • Supports SNMP(Simple Network Management Protocol) get, set and trap commands
  • Supports DMI(Desktop Management Interface) (Windows version only)
  • Supports HTTP, monitor by Microsoft IE or Netscape Communicator
  • Communicate to a UPS using RS-232 or Universal Serial Bus(USB)
  • Multi-lingual design(Windows version only)


View complete specifications table in the Entrust brochure (PDF)

MODEL ETR500 ETR700 ETR1000 ETR1500
Maximum load (VA/Watts) 500VA/300W 700VA/420W 1000VA/600W 1500VA/900W
Battery rating (1) 12V/5AH (1) 12V/7AH BM0040 BM0041
Unit weight (lbs.) 13.23 lb (6.0kg) 15.44 lb (7.0kg) 28.89 lb(13.1kg) 29.33 lb (13.3kg)
Input capacity 8 Amps 10 Amps 12 Amps
Unit dimensions (H x W x D) 10.8 x 3.43 x 10.9 in
(274.4 x 87 x 277.2 mm)
10.8 x 3.43 x 16.4 in
(274.4 x 87 x 412.5 mm)
General Specifications
Topology Single boost/buck line interactive, simulated sine wave
Warranty (USA and Canada only) 3-year limited warranty, Platinum Protection Plan / 2-year warranty on battery
AC Input
Number of phases Single (2W + G)
Input voltage (Acceptable input voltage) 120VAC (0 - 160VAC)
Input voltage range (Normal mode) 90 - 150VAC
DC start capability Yes, (defaults to 60Hz)
Power cord NEMA 5-15P on a 6-ft. power cord
Surge energy rating 320 Joules
Let through 5%, 6kV ring wave ANSI C62.41-1991 Cat 3
Response time 0 ns normal mode, < 5 ns common mode
AC leakage current <1 mA
AC Output (Normal Mode)
Load power factor 0.6
Output frequency Same as Input
Short circuit protection Re-settable circuit breaker and electronically limited
Overload capability 110% - 5 minutes ≥120% - immediate shutdown
Output voltage regulation 120VAC: -12.5% to +8.4%
Waveform Same as Input
Boost mode voltage(Buck mode voltage) Nominal +16% (Nominal -14%)
Line mode voltage range 105 - 130VAC
Efficiency Normal mode > 90%
AC Output (Battery Mode)
Output voltage Nominal 120VAC
Waveform Stepped sine wave (simulated sine wave)
Battery mode voltage regulation Nominal 6% until LBW
Transfer time 6-10 ms
Output frequency & regulation 50/60Hz 0.5Hz (Unless synchronized to utility)
Battery runtime (full load/half load) ≥ 2 minutes / ≥ 9 minutes
Short circuit protection Active electronic (current limit)
Replacement Hot swappable
Recharge time 8 hours to 90% after full load discharge
Operating temperature 32F to 104F (up to 5,000 ft above sea level (0C to +40C (up to 1,500 meters above sea level)
Operating elevation 32F to 95F (5,001-10,000 ft above sea level (0C to +35C (1,501 to 3,000 meters above sea level))
Storage temperature/ Relative humidity 5F to 113F (-15C to +45C) / 0 - 95% non-condensing
Line protection (data/phone) Single line input/output (RJ-45/RJ-11)
Outlets 4 - surge only outlets 4 - battery & surge with (2) transformer blocks
Monitoring software Includes SentryPlus software
Communications USB
Safety and environment UL1778, cUL (CSA 22.1), CE, FCC Class B RoHS

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