Why Include Power Protection?

Today's connected world depends on power - a proper protection plan is essential

Without a proper power protection plan, your organization is at risk. Whether the risk is lost revenue, student safety, or customer ill will, the risks are simply too great with prices on power protection products such as UPSs at all time lows.

Telephones, security equipment, servers and network equipment must all be considered when constructing your protection strategy. Below you'll find more information on protecting each of these vital systems.

Telephone: Communications are your lifeblood - power is essential
Communication is the key to maintaining relationships with your customers.  Without adequate power protection, an outage can not only cause damage to sensitive telecom equipment, but also open a window of opportunity for your competitors. 

IT/Network: The Network is the key to your company's survival
Todayís networks extend beyond the confines of one building, which presents several problems for network managers because the greater the reach of any network, the greater the vulnerability to power fluctuations -- such as spikes, surges, brownouts and blackouts. 
Protecting the network involves different plans, each based upon the design of the network. For example, in a peer-to-peer environment where any PC could be a server, it is essential to have backup support on each workstation.

Security: When the power fails, who's guarding your facility?
Criminals never rest - Security systems canít either. Today more than ever, organizations depend on access control, DVRs and cameras, and emergency notification systems; none of these systems function without power. 
A complete power protection system from Minuteman will ensure that your security system will keep running and your facility will remain secure, even when a power problem occurs.

Education: Student & faculty safety depends on power
Educational institutions are not exempt from power-related problems. voltage spikes, power surges, brownouts, and blackouts have no conscience when, or where, they strike. Classrooms, labs, and administrative offices all are vulnerable and are guaranteed to be subjected to power problems throughout the year. 

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