Troubleshooting the XRT Series UPS

Description: XRT Series Troubleshooting Chart


If your XRT UPS does not function as you expect or if you get an error code or message, please follow the chart outlined below before calling your dealer or Minuteman. Make note of each problem so that we may quickly troubleshoot and correct the problem. Please remember to have your model and serial number before calling.

Symptom Possible Cause

What to do

No lights/menu, no alarm

(UPS not ON)

Front panel switch in off position.

Rear panel circuit breaker tripped.

No incoming utility.

Turn on switch.

Reset circuit breaker.

Check utility input power.

Low AC is indicated, and UPS is not supplying power Incoming AC is < 75% of nominal and >72% of nominal On LED front panel, press TEST/ALARM SILENCE switch.

On LCD front panel, press any button to go to the battery mode.

No output, some LED’s are on, or the LCD shows error message. This is an error code, and there are many different causes. Look up the message or error code, and take the appropriate action and/or call for service.
Backup time is less than the rating Battery not fully charged.

1 or more dead batteries.

Load is greater than estimated.

Charger failure.

Recharge batteries for at least 8 hours. If problem persists, call for service. Verify load is correct.
The UPS appears to be working, but has no output voltage Output turned off by computer or external control. Select STATUS menu, and search for OUTPUT OFF message. Turn on with SETUP menu or cycle Power Switch. Verify remote OFF contact / switch is off.
UPS beeps continuously Imminent shutdown pending. Error code will be displayed. Look up the message or error code, and take the appropriate action and/or call for service.

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