Troubleshooting SNMP Devices

Description: I am able to ping and telnet to the card but am unable to connect to it via the web interface.


  • The SNMP card will not operate correctly if you have the serial connection and the Ethernet connection in use at the same time. Disconnect the cable to the serial port and try again

Description: E-mail notifications are not being received.


  • Check your SMTP Authorization procedures and make sure that the user/IP address of the SNMP card is authorized to send E-mail through your SMTP server. This is usually done with "Pop Before SMTP" or SMPT-AUTH. Check with your Network Administrator to get this done.
    If needed, here are a few resources to help you get started if you use Sendmail, Qmail, MS Exchange, or Lotus Notes/Domino.
    (These are external links and we are not responsible for their content or their continued existence on the web)
  • Make sure your E-mail notification is enabled. Go to "Event Action" -> Choose an event to monitor -> Click on "Mail" -> "Mail Enable" should be checked.>
  • Make sure your E-mail configuration is correct. Go to "Event Action" -> Choose an event to monitor -> Click on "Mail" -> Double check your DNS and SMTP server addresses -> "Returned Address" should have a valid E-mail Address which will be the "From" address on the E-mail. This address will probably need to be an authorized user of your SMTP Server depending on your SMTP Server Configuration.

Description: The TES (Terminal Emulation Software) does not display anything.


  • Make sure the Dip switch is set correctly. Switch 1 is ON when DOWN and Switch 2 is UP. This applies only when you power up.
  • Make sure the TES's communication parameters are correct. They should be 9600 baud rate, no parity, 8-data bits, and 1 stop bit.
  • Make sure the ends of the NSP-CFG-01A cable are plugged into their respective ports. The ends of the cable indicate which belongs to the CPU and which belongs to the Minuteman SNMP-S. The end of the hooded cable nearest the label belongs to the CPU, and the end farthest away belongs to the Minuteman SNMP-S.

Description: The NMS cannot ping the Minuteman SNMP-S.


  • Make sure the network connection to the Minuteman SNMP-S is good.
  • Make sure the cable is in good condition.
  • Make sure to set the Community String [Set Access Controls, Type 2, Set 1 through 4]. Follow these steps:  Name the community with any lowercase name. (A UPS monitors a designated community.)
  • Make sure to set the Manager Table. Set Access Controls, Type 3, Set 1 through 4]. Follow these steps:  Define the Manager IP Address, Community string, and Access Permission together.
  • The trap manager's community should be the same number as the number of the community it monitors.
  • The trap manager's status is set to Accept YES to enable sending traps or to Accept to No to disable.

Description: While trying to Login to SNMP-NET card through a browser, I can see the Login page but cannot login with valid login credentials. The browser returns to a blank page.


  • Please check IP addresses of the SNMP card and the PC which you are trying to login. If both of the IP addresses are not in the same LAN then please run the EZSetting utility to configure the User Limitation to Allow Any.

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