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What is Extended Runtime?

In today’s business world, companies have become completely reliant on information technology. Businesses cannot function without computers, servers, telephone systems, security systems and all of the peripheral devices that support these. All of these devices have one thing in common – they require clean electrical power to operate. Because electrical power and IT operations are so tightly interwoven, power problems cut directly into a company’s ability to keep its mission-critical computing fully functional, and failure of the IT infrastructure can create operational and financial havoc.

Most UPSs are intended to provide short-term power to attached devices. However, businesses cannot afford for mission-critical equipment to lose power after only a fews minutes. The most cost-effective solution is to extend the amount of battery backup time by adding external battery packs to a UPS. More battery backup time can be invaluable during a long power outage, and the cost of extending the battery backup time can be accomplished with a minimal investment when compared to the cost of losing mission-critical equipment.

Minuteman has been a pioneer in extended runtime applications for more than 25 years, having been the first company to offer external battery packs with a UPS. In addition to the new EXL extreme runtime battery pack series, Minuteman offers a wide variety of battery pack options including its XL Series, also compatible with its Endeavor and EnterprisePlus UPS.

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Also visit www.SizeMYUPS.com, the industry’s most extensive on-line UPS selection guide developed by Para Systems. This easy-to-use tool lists thousands of products from hundreds of manufacturers, allowing the user to configure a system and then determine exactly what Minuteman UPS products best suit their needs and their battery backup time requirements. Battery backup runtime solutions are listed from the basic 10 to 15 minutes, to 4 hours, 8 hours and beyond.

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