About Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

What is an On-Line UPS?

The on-line UPS provides the highest quality of power protection by incorporating a double-conversion technique, whereby power coming in to the UPS is converted from AC to DC. Power is then conditioned and converted back to AC at the output of the UPS. There is no transfer or switching time since power actually runs through the battery system. By isolating the input from the output, on-line UPSs provide true sinewave power to attached equipment that is clean and free of any power anomalies.

Minuteman manufactures the Continuous Power and Endeavor series of on-line UPSs. Within this product line are units that include the following VA ratings:

CPE Series
1000VA - 2000VA - 3000VA

Endeavor Series
1000VA to 10kVA

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