About Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

What is Power Monitoring Software?

Power monitoring and shutdown software is a recent technological advancement in the UPS marketplace. All Minuteman UPSs (except Pro 200) incorporate a communications port for either shutdown, monitoring, or both.

Power monitoring and shutdown software was developed out of the need for more sophisticated capabilities from a UPS. File servers and multi-user computers are critical resources for businesses, and the personnel managing these networks must have control over every aspect of these systems.

Minuteman's SentryTM bi-directional intelligent communications software is compatible with the Pro, XRT, CP and PowerMind series of UPSs, providing comprehensive information about power conditions in the form of statistical data and a graphical display. The graphical display shows current conditions including available battery voltage, UPS load, charge status, UPS temperature, and battery age. A running line graph is also featured that displays input voltage and UPS load for the past 10 minutes of monitoring. Warning messages are broadcast to all users in cases of power outages, low battery warning during a blackout, momentary disruption, log-in failure, and power restored.

SentryTM software products add security and reliability to networks by performing an unattended shutdown in case there is an extended power outage. Both software products also include a comprehensive testing facility, a battery replacement warning, and allow the data generated by the software to be written to a file for future reference.
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