Troubleshooting the PRO Series UPS

Front Panel
  • The online/on battery/boost and buck LED illuminates in a steady state when the UPS is on and supplying AC power to the load, blinks and sounds the audible alarm when supplying batter power to the load, blinks with no audible alarm when the automatic voltage regulator is in operation.
  • The fault LED illuminates when the UPS has detected an internal fault. (Contact Minuteman technical support.)
  • The overload LED illuminates when the loads connected to the UPS exceed the UPS power rating. (The Minuteman Pro1000 will hold a maximum load of 8.3 amps. Do not plug a laser printer into the UPS.)
  • The replace battery LED illuminates when the UPS has detected that battery replacement is required.
  • Is the UPS turned on?
    The off/on switch is on the upper right hand corner of the UPS. Hold it down for one beep to turn it on. The on-line/on battery LED will illuminate.
  • Is the UPS beeping?
    When the UPS is operating on batteries the on-line LED will blink and the audible alarm will sound every 10 seconds. The alarm will stop once the UPS returns to on-line operation.
  • Is the UPS emitting a sustained tone? Is the fault LED illuminated?
    There has been a hardware fault. The fault condition can be re-set by turning the UPS off and then on.
  • Is the UPS emitting a sustained tone and is the overload LED illuminated?
    The load attached to the UPS exceeds the power rating of the UPS. This alarm will remain on until the excess load is removed or the UPS's self protection circuit shuts down the UPS.
  • Is the UPS emitting a short beep every hour and is the replace battery LED illuminated?
    Replace the internal batteries.
  • Is the UPS emitting a steady tone?
    This occurs when the battery reserve runs low. It continues to emit the steady tone until the AC returns or the UPS shuts down from battery exhaustion.
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