Troubleshooting SentryII for Novell

We have made every effort to ensure an easy and straight forward Sentry installation. If you should experience problems or unexpected results during the installation or execution, please verify your system setup and configuration using the following checklist:
  • Positively identify the serial port to which the UPS interface cable is connected. (Consult computer and/or operating system documentation if necessary.) Note the Hex address and IRQ number for each serial port and identify AIO Board & Port values.
  • Verify that no other hardware or software is using/accessing this serial port, including your mouse. Sentry requires a serial port dedicated to monitoring the UPS.
  • Verify that you are using the UPS interface cable supplied with the Sentry software and that it is securely connected to the serial port.
  • Verify that the other end of the supplied cable is securely attached to the UPS interface port. This end should not require any adapters.
  • During installation, make sure you are logged in to the target server as Supervisor or Admin.

Common Problems and Solutions

Problems Solutions
When loading my hardware specific AIO driver, it cannot find the serial port or assigns a very high number to the board or port value.

Are your AIO drivers loaded properly? You may have to load the hardware specific driver more than once to find all serial ports.

A conflict may occur when other hardware devices or software. Hardware conflicts will appear in DOS as well as Novell, and may be easier to identify (address/IRQ). Software conflicts will only appear in Novell, and may occur with other applications that provide port services, including pserver.

Make sure the serial port is enabled. Make sure the port is operational, by performing another test on it, such as attaching a modem and attempting to dial out.

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