Troubleshooting the Enterprise Series UPS

Description: Dip Switch Settings for the Enterprise Series

Details:    The DIP Switch setting may be changed by the user to set the desired inverter (on battery) output voltage. The DIP Switch must be set to the desired output voltage and then the unit must be turned OFF and restarted to reconfigure the microprocessor and save the change. The setting for the 117Vac units may be 108Vac, 113Vac, or 117Vac. This setting will adjust the inverter (on battery) output voltage only. The setting for the 225Vac units maybe 215Vac, 225Vac, and 235Vac. All 208Vac applications should be set on 215Vac setting.

Switch #1Switch #2Output Voltage in battery mode
OFFOFF108Vac (215Vac)
OFFON108Vac (215Vac)
ONOFF113Vac (225Vac)
ONON117Vac (235Vac)

Description: Enterprise Series Troubleshooting Chart


If your Enterprise UPS does not function as you expect or if you get an error code or message, please follow the chart outlined below before calling your dealer or Minuteman. Make note of each problem so that we may quickly troubleshoot and correct the problem. Please remember to have your model and serial number before calling.

Symptom Possible Cause

What to do

UPS will not turn on (UPS not ON) On / Off / Test button not pushed Press the On button momentarily, (one beep) to start UPS
UPS operates in battery mode only, even though there is normal AC present Input AC circuit breaker is tripped Reset circuit breaker by pressing the plunger back in. If the AC circuit breaker trips after UPS starts up, reduce the load on the UPS
Fault LED is illuminated UPS has detected an internal fault Call for service
The Site Wiring Fault LED is illuminated Incorrect service wiring Have a qualified electrician correct the service wiring
The On-line/On-Battery LED is illuminated, but there is no output The UPS is being controlled via its computer port Disconnect the computer cable from the UPS and press the On button momentarily. If UPS works normally, software has control of the UPS
UPS does not provide expected backup time with internal batteries or with a Battery Pack The batteries may be weak or at the end of useful service life. The Battery Pack's circuit breaker maybe tripped Charge the batteries for 8 hours and retest. If the backup time is still less than expected, the batteries may need to be replaced, even though the Weak/Bad Battery LED is not illuminated. Reset the Battery Pack's circuit breaker
Weak/Bad Battery LED is illuminated Weak or bad batteries/bad battery connection Check battery connection/replace batteries. Follow battery replacement procedures in section 6
UPS occasionally emits a beep Normal operation The UPS is performing its intended function
Overload LED is illuminated and a constant alarm The load has exceeded the UPS's capacity Check the specifications (see section 8). Remove part of the load
The On-Line LED is blinking and the audible alarm is silent The UPS is in either the Buck mode or the Boost mode The UPS is performimg its intended function

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