Troubleshooting the Continuous Power (CP) Series UPS

The Trouble Shooting Chart covers most of the difficulties that you may encounter under normal working conditions. If the UPS fails to operate properly, please review the following checks before calling the repair center.
  1. Is the UPS plugged into a correctly working outlet?
  2. Is the line voltage within the rating specified?
  3. Has the fuse on the back panel on model CP500 blown?
  4. Has the circuit protector on the back panel of the model CP1K or CP2K/2 tripped?
  5. Has the circuit breaker on the back panel of the CP3K/2 tripped?

Symptom Possible Cause What to do

No light, no alarm (UPS not on)

Front panel switch in off position

Rear panel fuse blown or circuit protector trip

No incoming utility

Breaker is off

Turn on switch

Replace fuse or reset protector

Check input power

Check the breaker ON/OFF

No Line light, alarm beeps every few seconds

Breaker is off

No incoming utility

Fuse blown or protector trip

Check the breaker ON/OFF

Check the input power

Replace fuse or reset protector. If problem remains call for service

Fault LED lights, alarm beeps continuously UPS failure Call for service

Backup time is less than rating

Battery is not fully charged.

Dead battery

Charger failure

Recharge the battery for at least 6 hours. Re-test the backup time. If problem remains, call for service.

Load Level LED's show over 100% Overload Remove the least critical load

Buzzer beat twice per second


Remove the least critical load

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