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If you're relying solely on utility power to keep your phone, security, and IT systems functioning, you could be one power problem away from potential disaster.

Minuteman's line of power protection products keeps your vital systems running when - not if - power fails. Learn how to protect your livelihood in Minuteman's FREE SMB Application Guide.
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What's Inside: SMB Application Guide
This in-depth guide covers the office and network/server rooms, and outlines all of the critical areas that must be protected.

Minuteman: the SMB power experts.
At Minuteman, we understand SMBs like few other power companies. Tight budgets, tighter schedules, and the constant need for an extra hand to get everything together are a fact of life, and Minuteman is Your Partner in Power Protection. Let us show you how we can help.
Power Protection for SMBs - the Office

Minuteman brings the knowledge and products you need

At Minuteman, we understand SMBs like few other power companies. Tight budgets, tighter schedules, and the constant need for an extra hand to get everything together. Minuteman is Your Partner in Power Protection - let us show you how we can help.

Downtime in the office can lead to financial disaster for SMBs. Protecting and managing 3 key areas of the office environment can ensure continuous uptime and minimal loss of productivity when power problems occur:

Lost productivity due to downtime can be extremely costly - backing up each workstation with a small standby or line interactive Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) provides time for proper save and shutdown procedures when power problems occur.

Remote Devices

Network routers and hubs, security cameras, and other smaller devices are often hard to access; Remote Power Managers allow management from a smartphone or tablet, eliminating downtime and wasteful trips to reset.

Peripheral Devices

Non-critical peripherals can suffer catastrophic damage from power surges and spikes; a quality surge protection device should always be utilized.

Telephone Systems

From PBXs to VoIP, power is the key to communication. A UPS must be included both at the system center, and in the case of VoIP systems, at each workstation, to ensure continuous connectivity.

PRO-RT (left) &
Entrust (right) UPSs
Security Systems

All aspects of the security system must be protected from power problems by a UPS; this includes cameras, DVR/NVRs, access control, fire, and emergency communications.

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Power Protection for SMBs - Network/Server Rooms

Continuity is the key to surviving power problems

Whether your information systems are contained to a single server and switch, or multiple racks full of devices, power is the key to it all. Protecting all systems with the proper type and size of UPSs will both ensure long equipment life, and that business will continue as normal when power problems strike.

Low power quality in the network/server room can lead to disaster. Protecting these critical systems will ensure the safety of vital data and communications:
Traditional & Blade Servers

Power demands of traditional servers can be met by medium-sized rackmount UPSs while more power dense blade systems need large double conversion backup systems. For additional uptime in an outage, extended runtime battery pack capability should be a requirement.

Storage Arrays

Power requirements of a storage array can vary greatly, depending on the number of drives included. These mission critical systems should be backed up with Double Conversion, or Online UPSs to ensure the best quality power.

Network Switches

Convergeance of systems means the network is more wide-reaching than ever before; backing up all network devices with a Line Interactive or Double Conversion UPS is critical for business continuity.

Factility Wide Power

For the best combination of power quality and efficiency, utlizing a 3-phase Double Conversion UPS to power the entire system provides reliability and significant cost savings in both long term maintenance and annual utility power costs.

Download the SMB Application Guide Now!

Free PDF reference download

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