NEW! MMS Slimline Surge Series

Minuteman's newest line of surge suppressors provide an economical option for protecting non-critical equipment in installations where space is at a premium. These attractive, ultra-slim units provide a modern looking solution that is extremely space-efficient.

The highlight of the line is the MMS130RC, which is the perfect product for protecting wall-mounted HDTVs. These wall-taps feature side-facing outlets, elminating the headache of plugs sticking straight out from the wall. The lower corners also feature rotating plugs, making cable routing a breeze.

The MMS660S, MMS664S, and MMS686SCT provide a more traditional option, while the low-profile design saves space in cramped installations. These units are ideal for cramped media centers and desks where space is at a premium. MMS686SCT units also feature sliding child safety covers.

Each of these new units comes with connected equipment warranty protection up to $200,000, as well as a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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MMS664S &

MMS130RC Sample Installation

The MMS130RC is a lifesaver for wall-mount HDTV surge protection. Side-facing outlets and rotating outlets alleviate the headaches of hiding and routing wires, and three outlets provide protection for cable boxes and other equipment installed nearby. View the MMS Series page for more information.
MMS130RC Sample Installation

MMS660S Sample Installation

The MMS660S expands a standard 2-plug outlet into 6-outlets. This wall-tap secures to the wall with an included screw, and provides an excellent space-saving solution for protecting peripherals. View the MMS Series page for more information.
MMS660S Sample Installation

MMS664S & MMS686SCT Sample Installation

The MMS664S and MMS686SCT provide outlets for up to 8 devices, and use less space than any of our other models. These slimline strips are the perfect solution for cramped media centers and desks where space is at a premium, and the 8-outlet model also provides Coax and phone/fax/network protection. View the MMS Series page for more information.
MMS664S & MMS686SCT Sample

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