Without Power, There is No Security
A properly implemented power protection system eliminates the possibility of security system outage or damage due to power problems. Minuteman's product line has become a favorite of both users and installers thanks to an unbeatable combination of tailored solutions, helpful features, and incredible value.

See for yourself why Minuteman is the Leader in Security Power Protection in the resources below.

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Protecting Your Security System

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Power is critical to security. In this video, we look at the potential consequences of security system failure, and power protection solutions for protecting critical equipment including cameras, DVRs, access controls, fire alarms, and more.

Topics: Security Systems, Surge Protection, Battery Backup for Security
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Security & Power: The Critical Role of Power Protection for Security

A compelling case can be made for how important security systems are in protecting facilities, assets, employees and customers. This white paper analyzes the critical role power plays in security, and explains how to create a comprehensive protection plan which will ensure a secure facility when power problems strike. This white paper includes:

  • The problems with power that can lead to an outage
  • Potential consequences of an unsecure facility
  • Specific protection plans for all parts of the security system, including:
    • Cameras and recording devices
    • Access Control
    • Fire Alarms
    • Emergency Communications
    • Telephone Systems
    • Intrusion Detection
    • Loss Prevention
  • Security Power Preparedness Quiz to help you build your protection plan

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Solutions for Security Applications

Data Line
Surge Protection
Small/Medium Systems Larger Systems with
Multiple Access Points/DVRs
Systems Requiring
Extended Runtime
Minuteman MMS-PTZ-UTP
MMS-PTZ-UTP LineGuard™
Surge Protector
- Designed for analog cameras
- Uses UTP to UTP for video
- Terminal block for power (2 wires) and 4 wires for controls
View All Models & Full Specs
Minuteman ETR500
ETR500 Entrust
Line Interactive UPS
- Small Capacity Equipment Loads
- Desktop/Laptop Workstations
- Small Key Systems
- VoIP Handsets
View All Models & Full Specs
Minuteman E1500RM2U
Line Interactive UPS
- 1000 and 1500VA models
- Rack/Tower/Wall Mountable
- LCD Display shows runtime, status
- RS232 and USB Communications
- SNMP Capable
- Fax/Modem/Network Line Protection
View All Models & Full Specs
Minuteman E1500RM2U
E1500RM2U EnterprisePlus
Line Interactive UPS
- 750VA up to 3000VA
- Rack/Tower/Wall Mountable
- Independent Battery Bypass™
- DB-9, USB and SNMP communications
- Extended runtime capable with external battery packs
- 120V and 208V models available
View All Models & Full Specs
Latest Security Industry Power News

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The Threats Facing Security Systems

Once your security DVR, access control, and other systems have been installed and the service is turned on and functional, the job is only halfway done. The next challenge for security managers is keeping the system running - businesses and other organizations simply cannot afford to be without their security system.

What makes continuous operation a challenge is the fact that security applications, from an electrical point-of-view, are sitting ducks for a number of reasons:

  • Excess current can enter through almost all items in the subsystem (such as power sources, cameras, peripherals, and communications cables).
  • Excess current can destroy vital items in a subsystem (such as silicon items, circuit board traces, and magnetic media).
  • Security subsystems are usually assembled out of components from different manufacturers. As a result, many systems have equipment that handle power and signal grounding in the different ways.
  • Communications cables are vulnerable from outside the building to breakage, crosses, lightning, etc., and those cables lead directly to you.
Build Your Power Protection System

Minuteman UPS takes the guesswork out of UPS sizing with a straightforward selection tool, making use of a vast database of commonly used equipment along with a simple to use interface to provide you with the proper uninterruptible power supply solution for your needs.

Build your system by first choosing your DVRs, cameras, access control systems, and more from a vast selection of manufacturers. Then simply select voltage, runtime, and growth to receive a list of tailored UPS solutions that will fit your needs.

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1-on-1 Support from Minuteman

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