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Rebates effective April 1st through June 30th
EnterprisePlus™ Sinewave UPS
EnterprisePlus combines line interactive technology with true sinewave output to provide protection for critical equipment. Features include:
- 0.8 power factor
- Independent Battery Bypass™
- Extended runtime capable
- RS-232, USB and SNMP comm
- 3-year warranty inc. batteries

- Load shedding
- Easy to read display
- SentryPlus™ software
- EPO port

XL Extended Runtime Batteries
Extended power outages last hours, not minutes - for protection against these problems, Minuteman’s XL & EXL battery packs significantly extend backup runtime of the EnterprisePlus.
XL Features:
  - Unlimited daisy-chain capability for unlimited runtime
  - Individual chargers for faster recharge time after outage
  - Compact 2U rack height ideal for tight installs

Product VA/Watts Outlets
Mounting Format
E750RM2U 750/600 6 UPS
2U Rack/Tower/Wall* 3 years inc. batteries $50
E1500RM2U 1500/1200 6 UPS
2U Rack/Tower/Wall* 3 years inc. batteries $60
Product Compatible UPSs Warranty
BP36RTXL E750RM2U, E1000RM2U, E1500RM2U
3 years inc. batteries $20
*Instant Rebate amount applied to price at time of purchase; Optional wall mount hardware sold separately;
5-year Extended Warranty plans available

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EnSpire Series UPS
EnSpire Series UPS is a low-cost, high performance, compact UPS perfect for installation under the desktop or in tight closets where space is at a premium.
EN900 Features:
  - Ideal routers, modems, switches
  - LCD Status Display
  - 3-yr electronics warranty; 2-yr battery

MMS Series Surge Protectors
For non-critical equipment that will not be required during a power outage, low-cost protection from power surges and spikes should always be included.
MMS Surge Protection Features:
  - ‘R’ models feature rotating outlets for transformer blocks
  - X3 MOV Technology ensures safe protection
  - Limited Lifetime Warranty & Platinum Protection plan

Product Description Runtime


EN900 Wall-mountable standby UPS 10/2
4/4 3-yr elec/2-yr batt. $5
Product Surge Rating Standard Outlets Rotating Outlets Coax Protection Warranty Rebate*
MMS760RCT 2160J
- 6 Yes Lifetime $1
MMS7100RT 2880J
5 5 No Lifetime $1
MMS7120RCT 4320J
4 8 Yes Lifetime $2
MMS686SCT 3420J
8 - Yes Lifetime $3
*Instant Rebate amount applied to price at time of purchase
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Rebates effective April 1st - June 30th, 2014

Rebate amount applied at time of purchase. Contact your distributor or reseller for full details.

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