Surge Suppressors

Minuteman's surge suppressor lines offer innovative features, higher joule ratings, and versatile mounting options to provide you with the best protection and incredible value.

AC Line Protection

  • MMS Surge Suppressors
    There are numerous surge suppression products on the market, but Minuteman offers leading-edge designs that deliver more value at a better price. One of the most distinctive features on several products from Minuteman is rotating receptacles. This provides unmatched flexibility and allows use of all receptacles on the surge strip, even when numerous power transformers must be plugged in. Minuteman also incorporates higher Joule ratings than competitive units, providing greater protection for your attached equipment.

    We also lengthened power cords and added cord management to provide ease of installation. In addition, most units have a wall-mount option.

    For households or businesses with children, some models have child safety sliding receptacle covers to prevent dangerous accidents. Some models also include DSL, coax and phone line surge protection to further prevent unwanted line surges from damaging your equipment. All of our surge products out-pace the competition when it comes down to value.

Data Line Protection for Security & Network Devices

  • LineGuard Surge Suppressors
    The Minuteman LineGuard Surge Suppressors are perfect for protecting security and networking devices from damaging power surges and lightning. Models are available for protecting both analog video camera lines (BNC) as well as Cat5e and Cat6 network-based IP cameras and equipment.

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