Web browser-based power management
Additional resources
  • Easy-to-use Web browser-based management
  • Based on multiple events, automatically shut down multiple servers and/or multiple workstations running a variety of Operating Systems, including Windows NT/95/98/ME/2000, Linux/Unix, and Netware Servers from a single UPS by installing the SentryII Remote Client on each connected machine
    Note: No additional UPS or special hardware is required for machines running the remote client software
  • Allow up to 10 users to administer or view status of a single UPS
  • Manage a UPS connected to a PC or server remotely over TCP/IP protocol using built-in Web server without the need of any add-on components
  • Configure responses for power events such as input failure, low battery, and weak battery
  • Send email notification of power events to up to 5 email addresses
  • Send SNMP traps as power event notifications
  • Send message to a pager automatically when an event occurs
  • Run a program automatically when an event occurs
  • Perform a safe, unattended shutdown of UPS and/or operating system
  • Stay updated with built-in alarms & diagnostic tools
  • Schedule events like UPS and operating system shutdown and/or restart
  • Manage older contact-closure UPS systems (Requires appropriate cable)
  • View bar graph of 3 selectable power status indicators
  • View graph over time of major power measurement indicators such as input voltage, output voltage, battery charge, output load, and frequency
  • Auto-event logging

Web browser interface

SentryII Remote Client setup for workstations / servers

Allow up to 10 users or administrators

SentryII server setup

Configure responses to power events

Be notified of events via email

Be notified of events via SNMP traps

Be notified of events via pager

Execute a command or run a program

Unattended shutdown

Alarms & diagnostic tools

Schedule a one-time or recurring event

View graph of power status (Java Applet Window)

View status graph over time (Java Applet Window)

View event and data logs


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