SSL-VIBRATION Environmental Monitoring Device

Vibration Detection Module for SNMP-SSL

Compatible UPSs:

Endeavor 6 & 10kVA
Endeavor 6kVA RM
Endeavor 1-3kVA
  1. Features
SSL-Vibration Environmental Device for SNMP-SSL Communications Card

Optional environmental monitoring module

The SSL-VIBRATION sensor is a device, which connects to the SSL-EMD. When a vibration is detected an alarm will be initiated. Through the SNMP-SSL card, the user can monitor it and receive notifications of the alarms.

SSL-VIBRATION sensor is designed for protecting against forced entry by hammer, saw, crowbar, etc. through walls, ceilings, windows, safes, cabinets, etc. It is used it in closed-circuit alarm systems and will initiate an alarm when a vibration of considerable force strikes the protected surface.


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