ENV Probe Environmental Probe

Environmental Probe Module for SNMP-NET, SNMP-NV6

Compatible UPSs:

Endeavor 6 & 10kVA
Endeavor 6kVA RM
Endeavor 1-3kVA
  1. Features
  2. Interface
ENV Probe for SNMP-NET & SNMP-NV6 Communications Card

Optional environmental monitoring module

The ENV Probe is an option for the SNMP-NET card and the SNMP-NV6 card that supports temperature and humidity and has 4 contact closure inputs for monitoring environmental status such as smoke, fire, water, and security alarms. Includes:

  • Environmental temperature and humidity monitoring.
  • Attaches up to 4 contact closure inputs for monitoring other environmental devices.
  • Allows remote monitoring through network.
  • 3-year warranty for consistent coverage with compatible Minuteman UPS products
ENV Probe Monitoring Interface

Monitor temperature and humidity, program alarms, & more, from a single screen.

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