Minuteman® Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) Products

Minuteman KVM Series products are no longer in production. Please see our product line below for current Minuteman products.

Minuteman's product line includes Battery Backup (UPS) systems, surge protectors, power management products, and power monitoring accessories and software.

  1. Battery Backup (UPS)
  2. Surge Protection
  3. Power Management
  4. Power Distribution
  5. Monitoring
Battery Backup (UPS) Products

Complete protection for your equipment - big or small

Minuteman's line of battery backup (Uninterruptible Power Supply) products offer complete protection from all power problems. With products ranging from 400VA to 100kVA, the right solution for your application is just a click away.

Workstations, Small Security Equipment/DVRs, & Peripherals
EnSpire Series
400-900VA Standby
Compact, entry-level UPS

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Entrust Series
500-1500VA Line Interactive
Ultra-compact AVR UPS

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Midsize Network, Phone, & Security/DVR Systems
PRO-LCD Series
500-1100VA Line Interactive
Hi-Capacity Tower UPS

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PRO-RT Series
1000-1500VA Line Interactive
Rack/Tower AVR UPS

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EnterprisePlus Series
750VA-3kVA Line Interactive
Rack/Tower True Sine Wave UPS

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Enterprise Data Center, Network/Server, & Security Systems
Endeavor Series
1-3kVA On-line
True on-line Rack/Tower UPS

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CPE Series
1-3kVA On-line
On-line Tower UPS

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Endeavor 6kVA Rack
6kVA On-line
Rackmount True Sine Wave UPS

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Endeavor 6 & 10kVA Tower
6-10kVA On-line
Tower On-line UPS

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3-Phase UPS Systems for Large Enterprise Applications
3-Phase UPS Systems
10-750kVA 3-phase
Solutions from GE Digital Energy

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Latin America Products
500VA-2kVA Line Interactive
AVR UPS designed for Latin America

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Minuteman Legacy UPS Products

These products are no longer in production. See below for equivalent current product lines.

Find Battery Backup Products for Specific Applications

UPS Sizing & Selection Help

Take the guesswork out of UPS sizing with this straightforward UPS selection tool, making use of a vast database of commonly used equipment along with a simple to use interface to provide you with the proper uninterruptible power supply solution for your needs.

Surge Protection & Power Distribution Products

Protection for non-critical equipment from surges & spikes in utility power

Minuteman's line of MMS Surge protectors provide unique features, reliable protection, and exceptional warranty protection.

Non-critical Peripherals, Home Theater/AV, & Other Equipment
Standard Series
1-7 Outlet Surge Protectors
Wall-taps, strips, & more

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Rotating Outlet Series
6-12 Outlet Surge Protectors
Rotating-outlet Strips

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Slimline Series
3-8 Outlet Surge Protectors
Slimline profile for tight installs

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Camera, DVR, & Other Low-voltage Data & POE Lines
LineGuard Series
Data line surge protection for
cameras, DVRs, and networks

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Power Management Products

Manage power to critical network & security devices from anywhere

Minuteman's line of remote power management (IP-addressable PDU) products provide admins with the ability to securely manage power from a PC, smartphone, or tablet from anywhere with an internet connection.

Remote Power Management Products
2-Port RPM
Ultra-compact Power Manager
Remotely manage 1-2 devices

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8 & 16-port RPM
1U/0U Power Managers
Remotely manage 8-16 devices

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8-128 Port RPM
1U Expandable Power Manager
Manage up to 128 devices

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Power Distribution Products (PDU)

Safely & efficiently distribute power within racks and enclosures

Minuteman Power Distribution Units offer lengthy power cords, versatile configuration options, and premium features at a lower cost.

Power Distribution Products
MMPD Series PDUs
1U/0U Power Distribution Units
Surge, Amp-meters, & more available

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PDU Selection Help

Find the perfect Minuteman PDU for your application with this simple to use PDU selection tool. Simply select PDU type, format, and input type to receive a list of solutions that will meet your needs.

UPS Monitoring Software & SNMP Accessories

Increase efficiency by monitoring, managing, and controlling Minuteman products remotely

Minuteman offers a complete line of UPS software and SNMP monitoring accessories, allowing admins to reduce time involved in management and increase productivity substantially.

Monitoring Software
SentryPlus UPS Monitoring
Management software for
all current Minuteman UPSs

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SNMP UPS Monitoring Accessories
SNMP Monitoring Cards
Add SNMP monitoring capability
to select Minuteman UPSs

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Monitoring Accessories
Monitor environmental, smoke,
water, vibration, and door status

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Relay Cards
Add contact closure or
relay closure functions to Minuteman UPSs

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