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Article March 12, 2015
Application Guide:
SMB Power Protection
: This application guide looks at the unique concerns of small to medium-sized businesses. Different areas, including the office and server/network rooms must be protected to ensure business continuity - learn how in this 4 page guide.
Article June 25, 2014
What is 3-phase Power?
: This installment of the TechNotes series takes you through the basics of single, dual, and 3-phase power, giving you the knowledge to decide which type of power is best for your needs.
Article April 10, 2013
White Paper:
Security & Power: The Critical Role of Power Protection for Security
: This White Paper provides security users and installers with valuable information about the importance of power protection for security equipment. Topics include the problems with power, potential consequences of power failure, and individual system components and their recommended protection plans.
Article October 22, 2012
White Paper:
Saving Time & Money with Remote Power Management
: This White Paper provides statistics and information about the cost of downtime related to remote equipment, and how organizations can benefit from including remote power management products (IP-addressable PDUs) in their power protection strategy. The paper cites multiple surveys and publications, including CA Technologies and Information Week.
Article April 27, 2012
Endeavor: Added Runtime vs. Added Cost
: This TechNotes paper looks at the relationship between added cost and added runtime when including XL battery packs with Minuteman Endeavor 1kVA, 2kVA, & 3kVA UPSs.
Article August 23, 2011
White Paper
Powering Your Disaster Planning
: The white paper describes key components of a comprehensive plan to prevent businesses and other organizations from suffering severe consequences as a result of a power outage. The paper cites multiple research studies and publications, including the U.S Department of Energy, J.D. Power and Associates, Frost and Sullivan, and the Electric Power Research Institute.
Article July 11, 2006
White Paper
UL-60950-1 for Data Centers:
The intent of this document is to define UL-60950-1, provide an overview of this standard as it applies to rackmount power distribution units (PDUs). In addition the document will discuss the impact of products that may or may not comply with this standard as they relate to end-user implementation.

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