MINUTEMAN UPS Launches Hot New MBK-E And PRO-E Lines Of Uninterruptible Power Supplies

New Products Offer More Features, Enhanced Performance, Competitive Pricing

Dallas, Texas - August 1, 2003 - Executives with MINUTEMAN® UPS have announced that two new high quality lines of Uninterruptible Power Supplies will become available to the public in August 2003. The highly anticipated products will replace current models with comprehensive power protection in a unique, compact package. The new lines include the MBK-E™ Series, which will protect low-power demand applications like small office and non-critical computer systems, and the PRO-E™ Series for medium-sized to large business telecom and data processing applications.

"The original MBK and PRO Series were among the hottest UPS products available because they provided complete protection and solid features at a competitive price," said MINUTEMAN UPS Vice President of Sales and Marketing Rick Hunteman. "Our new MBK-E and PRO-E products offer even more value by adding features such as USB connectivity and additional receptacles at lower prices, sometimes as much as 45% less than those they replaced. This represents such a leap forward that we included an 'E' in the product name to represent the enhanced capabilities and value of these space-efficient UPS models."

Each new MBK-E and PRO-E unit protects connected equipment from utility AC blackouts, brownouts, spikes, and surges. In the event of an AC power surge or lightning strike, each MBK-E and PRO-E unit will provide up to 500 Joules of surge protection (440 Joules on 230 volt PRO-E models). In addition, both offer protection for a high-speed network line or modem/fax line (network protection only on 230 volt PRO-E models). This prevents surges and spikes from entering a PC via telephone lines or network wiring.

The MBK-E models are ideal for environments with small to moderate power problems, while the PRO-E models are well suited to protect devices in environments where power fluctuations can be more frequent and costly. The MBK-E Series is available in 120-volt models, while the PRO-E Series is available in both 120 and 230-volt models for installation in sites with higher voltage systems.

The MBK550E, MBK750E, PRO500E and PRO700E each feature four receptacles with both battery backup and surge protection and two receptacles with surge-only protection. The high-capacity PRO1100E and PRO1500E models feature six receptacles with battery backup and surge protection in a slightly larger-sized case than the lower-capacity models.

"These new models are perfect for customers where competitive pricing is critical and automatic voltage regulation is a requirement due to frequent power fluctuations," added Hunteman. "A key improvement of the MBK-E Series is that each model now includes built-in Automatic Voltage Regulation to boost incoming utility AC power in low voltage situations, saving battery power for blackouts and extending the life of the batteries. Input voltage in AC mode can vary from 85 to 132 volts in the default setting, and units can be adjusted via dip switches on the rear panel to accept as low as 75 volts."

The PRO-E Series takes regulation a step further with a double boost and single buck AVR function to trim incoming elevated voltage. These enhanced functions allow PRO-E units to continue running in AC mode from 75 to 145 volts without resorting to the battery. A user can set inverter (on-battery) output voltages using rear panel dip switches to a steady 120 or 127 volts on both the MBK-E and PRO-E, with only a 5 percent variance.

The MBK550E and MBK750E feature a built-in USB port and ship with a USB cable. The PRO-E models feature both a built-in USB port and an RS-232 port for use with non-USB compatible workstations or servers. Each MBK-E and PRO-E unit also ships with a copy of the Web browser-based MINUTEMAN SentryII™ power management software. This software provides full power monitoring, event notification, scheduled startup/shutdown functions and event-triggered shutdown of a single workstation, server or multiple workstations or servers attached to the same network.

The MBK-E line includes an industry-leading three-year parts and labor warranty on all electronics and a two-year warranty on internal batteries. The PRO-E line boasts a three-year parts and labor warranty on both electronics and batteries. Properly connected equipment is protected for up to $50,000.00 by the MINUTEMAN Platinum Protection Plan® on both product lines.

Full specifications for the new models are available on the Web at www.minutemanups.com. Suggested retail prices range from $89.00 for the MBK550E to $289.00 for the PRO1500E.

MINUTEMAN UPS is a manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies and related equipment and SentryII power monitoring and diagnostic software. Corporations worldwide depend on MINUTEMAN UPS to protect, manage, and control network systems, telecommunications equipment, retail POS systems, security systems, and sensitive electronic components. MINUTEMAN UPS products range from 325 VA to 10 kVA units and can be custom-configured. A free sizing tool is available at www.sizemyups.com to determine which MINUTEMAN UPS can best meet an application's power protection needs.

MINUTEMAN UPS was founded in 1982 as Para Systems, Inc. The company is a wholly-owned operating subsidiary of Components Corporation of America, a privately-held corporation. Additional information about MINUTEMAN UPS and its products is available at www.minutemanups.com.

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