Extended Runtime Solutions from Minuteman

Add hours of runtime to Endeavor and EnterprisePlus LCD Uninterruptible Power Supplies


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According to a Frost and Sullivan survey, small to medium-sized business IT managers want longer runtimes. The trend is apparent over the last several years, and Minuteman has answered the call.

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Today, all businesses rely heavily on electronic equipment. If the phone system is down, the life-line to customers is cut off. When networks go down, companies cannot perform vital operational functions. If a security system goes down, doors are left wide open. Downtime is simply no longer an option.

Minuteman has been a pioneer in extended runtime applications since 1982, and was the first company to offer external battery packs with a UPS. We offer a wider variety of battery pack options than any other UPS manufacturer, from extended runtime to our extreme runtime EXL solutions.

For assistance selecting the perfect extended runtime solution, head over to SizeMyUPS.com. When longer backup times are required, think Minuteman.

The Frost and Sullivan survey of IT managers at small to medium-sized companies says:

Servers and storage devices
  • 72% want more than 30 minutes
  • 30% want more than two hours
Telephone systems
  • 80% want at least 30 minutes
  • 37% want more than 4 hours
Security and emergency systems
  • 75% want more than 1 hour
  • 44% want 4+ hours

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