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Video: Without Power, There is No Security

Protecting Your Security System – Power is critical to security.

A properly implemented power protection system eliminates the possibility of security system outage or damage due to power problems. Minuteman’s product line has become a favorite of both users and installers thanks to an unbeatable combination of tailored solutions, helpful features, and incredible value.

See for yourself why Minuteman is the Leader in Security Power Protection on our Security Page.

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VIDEO: UPS Battery Testing and Replacement Procedure

battrep1_previewThe best UPS in the world is at the mercy of the batteries that reside inside it – did you know that the average battery life span is only 3 to 5 years? Additionally, there a number of factors can affect that number, including:

– Temperature where the unit is located
– Total number of times the battery is fully discharged
– Utility power quality: poor quality leads to shorter life
– Proper Maintenance: 4 to 6 full discharges per year recommended

Luckily, there are also some easy ways to tell if the batteries in your battery backup need to be replaced, and we’ve put together a quick video to show you all the details. Make the jump to learn how to replace your UPS batteries.

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Video: The Basics of Power Protection

Building the right power protection system for your equipment can be a daunting task. Surge protection, battery backup, VA, Watts, outlet types, critical vs. non-critical, it’s enough to make most people’s heads spin at first glance. Fortunately, a little guidance and background goes a long way, and we’ve put together a video that does just that.

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