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New Product: Remote Power Manager, RPM 1521E

New product offers complete management from anywhere in the world

RPM1521E_w_phone_160x200Today, Minuteman announced the release of the RPM1521E, the latest in a line of remote power management products, featuring a variety of upgraded features and capabilities.

Designed to eliminate downtime and costly service calls, this new RPM offers individual outlet control with remote re-start, monitoring, and management over all connected devices making it ideal for security systems, retail point of sale systems, telephone/VoIP systems, servers and network peripherals.

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Video: All New Entrust LCD Product Tour

Minuteman Launches New Entrust LCD as Addition to the Popular Entrust Line

Untitled-3With its feature-rich design, the all-new Entrust LCD offers complete protection for smaller applications across all markets, from security to computers.

The Minuteman Entrust LCD Series UPS provides users all the features usually available in higher-priced UPS products to protect your valuable equipment: automatic voltage regulation, spike and surge protection, and battery backup, all in a surprisingly compact package.

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New Product: Entrust LCD Series UPS

New product line offers ultimate line interactive protection in an ultra-compact tower

entrust_lcd_application_2We here at Minuteman are pleased to announce the newest addition to the popular Entrust line of UPSs, the Entrust LCD.

These battery backup systems utilize automatic voltage regulation technology and provide the same unmatched protection as the popular Entrust line with a host of new features. New for the line are a real-time LCD status display, tool-less battery panel, and ENERGY STAR certification, making the new Entrust LCD an option for users and specifiers of all knowledge levels.

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In-Depth: New ERS1500RTNC Ruggedized UPS

Reliable backup for extreme temperature and humidity environments from Minuteman

Minuteman’s new ERS1500RTNC ruggedized UPS break the mould on power protection for extreme environments – a massive investment is no longer a requirement to protect transportation equipment and other devices located in extreme environments. The ERS provides Automatic Voltage Regulation and 1500VA capacity that is high temperature and humidity ready, at a price substantially less than current offerings.

How does the ERS withstand these harsh installation parameters? Let’s go In-Depth and find out.

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New Product: Endeavor 5-10kVA Series

ED5200RTXL_hero_tower_800We are pleased to announce the addition of the new Endeavor 5-10kVA Series of UPSs to our product family. This new line has models available in 5kVA, 6kVA, 8kVA, and 10kVA options that can be paralleled to accommodate load requirements up to 20kVA. Because all new Endeavor units utilize double conversion technology with true sine wave output and versatile builds, they are perfect for protecting large networks, enterprise communications, servers, and large-scale security systems. 

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EnterprisePlus LCD UPS In-depth: RT vs. RTXL

In-depth: EnterprisePlus LCD RT vs. RTXL – which one is right for you?

Minuteman's all-new EnterprisePlus LCD UPSA few weeks back, we launched the all-new EnterprisePlus LCD UPS in our PowerNews Newsletter (you are subscribed to that, right?) and here on the PowerBlog. Over the coming weeks we’ll be taking an in-depth look at several of the new features on these units, starting with this first post – RT vs. RTXL: Which one is right for you?

So, what are all those numbers and letters at the end of the new EnterprisePlus LCD models anyway? While they may look a bit random, each one serves a purpose in explaining exactly what the unit is capable of. Come along and we’ll show you.

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NEW PRODUCT: EnterprisePlus LCD UPSs are available now

New UPSs from Minuteman offer unmatched versatility across multiple markets

E750RTXL2U_hero_rack_tower_200Today is an exciting day at Minuteman – we are busy launching our all-new EnterprisePlus LCD lineup of battery backup systems! What’s new with this update, you ask? The most obvious thing is the new LCD display up front, but it goes way beyond that with more models, added outlets, new software, and much more.

Check out the press release here, and make the jump to see everything we’ve improved, along with all the good things about the outgoing Enterprise that we kept around.

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