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WHITE PAPER: Is Security System Battery Backup Enough?

Explore The Critical Role of Security System Battery Backup and Surge Protection


Most business owners and administrators would agree that a functional security system is at the top of the priority list for their organization. It’s surprising, then, that a vast number of these systems in the field have no backup power protection in place, and risk failure when power problems occur.

What are the considerations when backing up a security system? How much backup runtime should a DVR or Fire Alarm system have? How can you be sure you are prepared? Fortunately, we have answered all those questions and more in the Security & Power White Paper.

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Tech Tip: Backup Power & your Emergency Communications Plan

Your Emergency Communications plan is nothing if it doesn’t include power

powernews_2014_09In an emergency, communication is critical and can be the difference between a safe exit and a headline grabbing disaster. Building a fault-proof system can be an overwhelming task, and common questions when setting up power protection for emergency communications include:

– How can we be 100% sure mass notifications will go out?
– What government regulations should be taken into account when purchasing a UPS?
– Should a specific type of UPS be used? How much backup time do we need? Read on to find out.

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