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TechTip: Don’t Let Home Theater Power Problems Ruin Your Big Game

This Sunday, the world will be watching – and a blackout would be devastating

big_gamePlanning a gathering of friends and family for the world’s most-watched TV event this Sunday includes many considerations – selecting the right hors d’oeuvres, finding the optimum seating arrangement, hooking up that extra TV in the bathroom, and of course power protection!

Home theater power problems can strike at the most inopportune times (as the admins at the Superdome found out a few years ago), and a house full of people waiting for the next touchdown throw certainly falls into that category. Let’s take a look at how easy it is to protect your home theater system.

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PowerNews: Gentlemen, Start Your Flashlights at NASCAR Blackout

In the leadup to Phoenix NASCAR race, lights go out leading to delay

nascar_blackout_in_phoenixThe start of Friday evening’s NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Lucas Oil 150 was scheduled for 8:30 pm local time – a power outage affecting the western side of Phoenix had other plans, however, leaving much of the track which was not backed up by generators in the dark.

Drivers sat outside their vehicles and fans looked on from the stands, waiting for more than an hour for the lights to come back on so the race could get underway – those headlights on the front of the trucks are just stickers, after all. What caused the delay? Read on to find out.

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PowerNews: Power Outage ‘Hiccup’ Briefly Halts Summer Fun

Rides at Canobie Lake Amusement Park grind to a halt as power fails


Summer fun for many families means cotton candy, midway games, and of course, roller coasters. Guests at Salem, New Hampshire’s Canobie Lake Park recently got a surprise when a power outage occurred, leaving them stranded on several of the park’s attractions.

Backup generators kicked in after a few minutes, allowing all rides to return their passengers without incident, but what lessons were there to be learned from the outage?

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PowerNews: Raccoons Wreak Havoc in Indiana Substation

Furry animals surpass countermeasures to bring down power


We’ve talked before about the wide range of things that can cause a power outage. One of the least predictable is wildlife, with outages being caused by snakes, rats, and even owls in the past. Officials in Richmond, Indiana recently learned that even the best countermeasures can be outsmarted when a pair of crafty raccoons managed to enter a substation.

The power feed from the station to hundreds of homes in the area was knocked out when the animals came in contact with electrical breakers, shorting out the supply and leaving residents in the dark. Read on to find out what prevented the situation from being even worse.

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Tech Tip: UPS Network Management with SNMP Accessories

Power is great, but it’s how you can control it that counts

network_communicationsSince the advent of network communications, engineers have found ways to make life easier by connecting devices together. This has, of course, extended into the realm of power, with UPS network management making life easier for admins and technicians with widespread devices under their watch.

These devices go by many names: smart cards, network cards, or remote management cards, but it all refers to the same thing: SNMP, or Simple Network Management Protocol. Learn more in our SNMP Video: Becoming Master of Your Power after the jump.

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PowerNews: Texans Face High Power Bills Following Cold

Summer-esque heating bills shock North Texans after cold winter

electric_power_meterIn early March we shared the Electric Reliability Council of Texas’ (ERCOT) warning about conserving electricity as temperatures plummeted. The threatened rolling blackouts never happened, but it seems the chickens have come home to roost as a substantial number of customers across the area are facing unusually high power bills according to the Dallas Morning News.

While us Texans are accustomed to sticker shock when bills arrive in July and August, writing a fat check for power in March is a bit unusual.

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WHITE PAPER: Is Security System Battery Backup Enough?

Explore The Critical Role of Security System Battery Backup and Surge Protection


Most business owners and administrators would agree that a functional security system is at the top of the priority list for their organization. It’s surprising, then, that a vast number of these systems in the field have no backup power protection in place, and risk failure when power problems occur.

What are the considerations when backing up a security system? How much backup runtime should a DVR or Fire Alarm system have? How can you be sure you are prepared? Fortunately, we have answered all those questions and more in the Security & Power White Paper.

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PowerNews: Play ball-wait! Power Outage Halts Phillies Game Review

MLB’s new replay system foiled by harsher critic than fans: Mother Nature

phillies_review_halted_power_outageWhen sweeping changes come to an institution more than 100 years old, there’s bound to be some critics – but who knew Mother Nature was a baseball traditionalist? In a Spring Training game this past Thursday, a storm in the area delayed first pitch by more than an hour, and that was just the beginning of the weather-related fun for teams and their fans.

New rules instituted for 2014 allow the review of certain plays, such as a called out at third base that occurred in the 7th inning. A freak power outage, however, had other plans for the questionable call.

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PowerNews: ERCOT Urges Conservation During Winter Lows

With frigid temps descending on Texas, Reliability Council warns conservation is key

icicles_ercot_warns_conserveMost of us are aware of the threats spring storms pose to our power – the lightning makes it pretty apparent in most areas of the country. Along with that, the threat of rolling blackouts during summer heatwaves can also loom large. But what about winter?

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) released a warning early Sunday morning, as Texans (us included) huddled for warmth inside their homes. The general idea was simple: electric conservation would be required, otherwise an an overload of the grid may occur, leading to a loss of electrical reliability (generally, rolling blackouts).

What were their recommendations for conserving power? Read on to find out..

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EnterprisePlus LCD UPS In-depth: RT vs. RTXL

In-depth: EnterprisePlus LCD RT vs. RTXL – which one is right for you?

Minuteman's all-new EnterprisePlus LCD UPSA few weeks back, we launched the all-new EnterprisePlus LCD UPS in our PowerNews Newsletter (you are subscribed to that, right?) and here on the PowerBlog. Over the coming weeks we’ll be taking an in-depth look at several of the new features on these units, starting with this first post – RT vs. RTXL: Which one is right for you?

So, what are all those numbers and letters at the end of the new EnterprisePlus LCD models anyway? While they may look a bit random, each one serves a purpose in explaining exactly what the unit is capable of. Come along and we’ll show you.

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