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Video: NEW generation PRO-RT® Line Interactive Uninterruptible Power Supply

Line Interactive Simulated Sine Wave Rack/Tower-Convertible UPS

The NEW generation PRO-RT Series has expanded its product line to include a wider range of power protection- 750VA and 2000VA. Minuteman customers will continue to enjoy a value-priced, yet feature-rich UPS incorporating line-interactive technology that preserves battery power by providing voltage regulation during brownouts or voltage sags. The PRO-RT Series can be used to support servers, telecom or VoIP systems, security systems, plus many other applications.

The PRO-RT UPSs include many useful features such as load-shedding with two load banks, independent battery bypass, plus auto-re-start when power is restored after an extended power outage.

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Video: Without Power, There is No Security

Protecting Your Security System – Power is critical to security.

A properly implemented power protection system eliminates the possibility of security system outage or damage due to power problems. Minuteman’s product line has become a favorite of both users and installers thanks to an unbeatable combination of tailored solutions, helpful features, and incredible value.

See for yourself why Minuteman is the Leader in Security Power Protection on our Security Page.

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Video: RPM1521E Remote Power Manager Product Demo

Minuteman’s Smart-PDU that allows you to control 2 devices from anywhere in the world.

The Minuteman RPM1521E Remote Power Manager is the ideal solution for network administrators who manage one or more remote locations. Once connected to the network, you can easily control it from virtually anywhere using a standard web browser and your password.

With a simple click, power up, down, or reboot 1-2 devices connected to the RPM individually or as a group. Automatic reboots of locked devices are also possible via ping actions.

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In-Depth: Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Which UPS system is right for you?

WhichUPS_ThumbnailAll Minuteman UPSs provide full protection from power problems such as blackouts, brownouts, sags, surges and spikes. There are three different types of uninterruptible power supplies that vary in terms of how protection is delivered to attached equipment. The three types are standby, line interactive, and online.

Please keep reading to find the perfect Minuteman solution for your power protection needs.

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New Product: Remote Power Manager, RPM-EV6 Series

New models offer power monitoring and management from anywhere in the world

RPM30241EV6_hero_phone160x200Last week, Minuteman announced the release of three new Minuteman Remote Power Managers, the latest addition to a line of remote power management solutions. The RPM-EV6 series of products are IP-addressable managers that allow administrators and technicians to remotely control the power to connected servers, network equipment, and security devices, eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming service calls to reboot unresponsive devices. By using an RPM, a locked-up device can be quickly re-started from a PC, lap-top, tablet or smart phone from anywhere in the world.

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Video: MMS780R Surge Protector Product Demo

Minuteman’s Cost-Effective Surge Protector with Six 180-degree rotating outlets.

MMS780RWith its feature-rich design, the Minuteman MMS780R Surge Protector offers complete protection for smaller applications across all markets, including printers, PCs, laptops, TVs, DVRs and any other valuable electronic device.

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New Product: Remote Power Manager, RPM 1521E

New product offers complete management from anywhere in the world

RPM1521E_w_phone_160x200Today, Minuteman announced the release of the RPM1521E, the latest in a line of remote power management products, featuring a variety of upgraded features and capabilities.

Designed to eliminate downtime and costly service calls, this new RPM offers individual outlet control with remote re-start, monitoring, and management over all connected devices making it ideal for security systems, retail point of sale systems, telephone/VoIP systems, servers and network peripherals.

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Video: All New Entrust LCD Product Tour

Minuteman Launches New Entrust LCD as Addition to the Popular Entrust Line

Untitled-3With its feature-rich design, the all-new Entrust LCD offers complete protection for smaller applications across all markets, from security to computers.

The Minuteman Entrust LCD Series UPS provides users all the features usually available in higher-priced UPS products to protect your valuable equipment: automatic voltage regulation, spike and surge protection, and battery backup, all in a surprisingly compact package.

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New Product: Entrust LCD Series UPS

New product line offers ultimate line interactive protection in an ultra-compact tower

entrust_lcd_application_2We here at Minuteman are pleased to announce the newest addition to the popular Entrust line of UPSs, the Entrust LCD.

These battery backup systems utilize automatic voltage regulation technology and provide the same unmatched protection as the popular Entrust line with a host of new features. New for the line are a real-time LCD status display, tool-less battery panel, and ENERGY STAR certification, making the new Entrust LCD an option for users and specifiers of all knowledge levels.

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Living Large Part 3: Large UPS Startup, Shutdown, and Specification

In the final chapter, we discuss some of the more complicated aspects of Large UPSs

large_ups_checklist_thumbThe benefits of a UPS, or uninterruptible power supply, are well known to most in the electrical field. Installation of smaller systems is fairly straightforward in most cases – simply select the proper system and connect it to utility power and your equipment. However, the story can change dramatically when looking at larger single phase systems.

Some of the most intimidating issues arise when having to specify these larger systems for bids or specific equipment. Additionally, the process of physically starting up and shutting down 2kVA and above UPSs can be a bit overwhelming for first-timers. Let us put your mind at ease, in the final installment of this series.

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