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Minuteman’s PowerNews keeps you up to date on the latest power-related headlines from around the world.

Video: NEW generation PRO-RT® Line Interactive Uninterruptible Power Supply

Line Interactive Simulated Sine Wave Rack/Tower-Convertible UPS

The NEW generation PRO-RT Series has expanded its product line to include a wider range of power protection- 750VA and 2000VA. Minuteman customers will continue to enjoy a value-priced, yet feature-rich UPS incorporating line-interactive technology that preserves battery power by providing voltage regulation during brownouts or voltage sags. The PRO-RT Series can be used to support servers, telecom or VoIP systems, security systems, plus many other applications.

The PRO-RT UPSs include many useful features such as load-shedding with two load banks, independent battery bypass, plus auto-re-start when power is restored after an extended power outage.

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IMG-20151210-WA0009TECNELEC DE ANTIOQUIA S.A se presentó en la Feria Internacional del Sector Eléctrico durante el mes de Noviembre. FISE, tuvo lugar en la Plaza Mayor Conventions and Exhibitions Center de Medellín durante los días 25 al 27 de Noviembre, esta es una importante feria internacional del sector eléctrico. El evento especializado pretende mostrar, mejorar y promover la industria eléctrica colombiana como un pilar estratégico que contribuye al desarrollo del país y la región, para aumentar sus ventas y su participación en los mercados nacionales e internacionales.

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Minuteman Partners with GIGANET in Latin America

Minuteman in Honduras and Guatemala with GIGANET

CAM01373After a recent trip down to Latin America for the IT NOW show, Minuteman’s International Sales Manager, Enrique Castro, announced the partnership with authorized distributor, GIGANET Communications, in both Guatemala and Honduras.

In a note welcoming them to the team of Minuteman Partners, Castro introduces GIGANET as a specialized distributor with over 33 years of experience in the industry. GIGANET comminications along with Minuteman will offer unmatched customer and product support. Read the full statement below in both English and Spanish.

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PowerNews: DMV Power Outage Makes the Wait Even Longer

DMV power outage sends Woonsocket Rhode Island residents scrambling – could power protection have prevented the closure?


For most people, the Department of Motor Vehicles is low on the list of go-to destinations for the summer. For residents of Woonsocket, Rhode Island, the normal trip to the DMV was made worse by an area-wide power outage last Tuesday afternoon.

Along with the DMV office, hundreds of homes were left without power for the afternoon. The cause was determined to be an animal which gained entry into power equipment, according to officials from National Grid.

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TechTip: Less Flowers and More Power Problems for May

Protect Your Business and Yourself from Severe Power Problems

bigstock-Tornado-2172151While the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers,” for many in Texas and Oklahoma, the month of May has brought less flowers and more severe storms. With spring storms, from thunderstorms to tornadoes and flooding, ravaging most of the south in the past few weeks, many homes and businesses have been devastated. While we cannot do much to prevent Mother Nature from wreaking havoc, we can put disaster recovery measures in place to try to limit damage and downtime. Minuteman, with our wide range of solutions, can help fight against this particularly brutal storm season.

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PowerNews: Power Outages and Snowless Snowdays

bigstock-Winter-School-Buses--2488025It Doesn’t Take a Winter Storm to Shut Down Schools and Businesses

While here in Texas we are enjoying a beautiful 65 degree January, schools, homes, and businesses across the country are not so lucky. According to WCNC, two schools in Charlotte, North Carolina were forced to clothes in early January because of power outages, proving that it doesn’t always take ice storms and blizzards to shut down schools and businesses.

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PowerNews: November and Storm Season, from Hurricanes to Blizzards

bigstock-Cars-on-city-street-after-larg-56154401Ah, November, the time for sweater weather and the holiday spirit. Time to get out the winter coats and boots and time to light fires and get under cozy blankets to relax for the holidays. Sounds nice, right?

Another very unique thing about this lovely month of November, is that it exists in both hurricane season and winter storm season. With hurricane season ending November 30th and temperatures dropping across the country, the possibility of storms is incredibly high. Both homes and businesses need to stay protected and keep things up and running, regardless of what the weather might through at them.

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PowerNews: Gentlemen, Start Your Flashlights at NASCAR Blackout

In the leadup to Phoenix NASCAR race, lights go out leading to delay

nascar_blackout_in_phoenixThe start of Friday evening’s NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Lucas Oil 150 was scheduled for 8:30 pm local time – a power outage affecting the western side of Phoenix had other plans, however, leaving much of the track which was not backed up by generators in the dark.

Drivers sat outside their vehicles and fans looked on from the stands, waiting for more than an hour for the lights to come back on so the race could get underway – those headlights on the front of the trucks are just stickers, after all. What caused the delay? Read on to find out.

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PowerNews: Point Proven – NY Power Outage Costs Businesses Thousands

Village-wide Power Outage Leaves Greenport Business Owners Reeling

Main street in american townThe Long Island village of Greenport recently experienced an extended power outage, with some businesses facing up to 12 hours in the dark. The village is a destination for thousands of tourists each year, leaving hotels, restaurants, and other shops reeling in the wake of the power problems as visitors left he area.

What was the total damage? That is hard to say, but one business owner claims to have lost more than $10,000 in refunded reservations during the outage. The question facing these businesses now is what caused the outage, and what could have been done to prevent their losses?

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PowerNews: Power Outage ‘Hiccup’ Briefly Halts Summer Fun

Rides at Canobie Lake Amusement Park grind to a halt as power fails


Summer fun for many families means cotton candy, midway games, and of course, roller coasters. Guests at Salem, New Hampshire’s Canobie Lake Park recently got a surprise when a power outage occurred, leaving them stranded on several of the park’s attractions.

Backup generators kicked in after a few minutes, allowing all rides to return their passengers without incident, but what lessons were there to be learned from the outage?

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