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Get a ground-level look at power protection and learn along with our resident newbie!

Video: Without Power, There is No Security

Protecting Your Security System – Power is critical to security.

A properly implemented power protection system eliminates the possibility of security system outage or damage due to power problems. Minuteman’s product line has become a favorite of both users and installers thanks to an unbeatable combination of tailored solutions, helpful features, and incredible value.

See for yourself why Minuteman is the Leader in Security Power Protection on our Security Page.

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Newbie’s Nook: UPS Sizing and SizeMyUPS

sizemyups_full Size matters. Let me expand on that; the right size for the right application matters. When it comes to UPS sizing, Minuteman is and has always been ahead of the game. With our SizeMyUPS tool, finding the right size UPS for any application has never been easier.

The same reason that you wouldn’t buy a Mini Cooper to go with your cattle ranch, you wouldn’t by an online UPS for one telephone or one computer. This is where our SizeMyUPS tool comes into play. Accessible here on the Minuteman site or at, this tool recommends UPSs based on your system(s) needs.

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Newbie’s Nook: Power Problems

Untitled-1So, let’s play a little game…Name a common power problem. Blackouts. Okay, easy enough.

Now, what is a blackout? A complete loss of power. Easy again.

Lightning Round (no pun intended): what damage can a blackout case? …no power? Isn’t that it?

Not quite…power problems vary significantly and can range from being an annoyance to downright detrimental to systems and equipment. In this Newbie’s Nook, I’ll talk about the 5 major types of power problems and how they can mean more than just the lights going out for a while.

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Newbie’s Nook: What’s a UPS?

newbies_nook_logoWelcome to the second installment of Newbie’s Nook! If you missed the first installment, shame on you and here is the link…Now, if you’re all caught up, you know I’m the first to admit I’m not much of a tech person and that coming to Minuteman Power was a learning curve to say the least. So, without any delay, to answer some age old questions, what is a UPS and how does it work?

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Newbie’s Nook: Part One

newbies_nook_logoFirst of all, let me start by saying welcome to the new Minuteman PowerBlog! Since this is my first blog post to the site I thought I’d introduce myself. My name is Samantha; I am a recent graduate of the University of North Texas where I studied political science and English but towards the end of my college career, I got hooked on marketing and social media! Fast-forward about a year and here I am at Minuteman Power!

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