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In-Depth: Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Which UPS system is right for you?

WhichUPS_ThumbnailAll Minuteman UPSs provide full protection from power problems such as blackouts, brownouts, sags, surges and spikes. There are three different types of uninterruptible power supplies that vary in terms of how protection is delivered to attached equipment. The three types are standby, line interactive, and online.

Please keep reading to find the perfect Minuteman solution for your power protection needs.

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New Product: Remote Power Manager, RPM-EV6 Series

New models offer power monitoring and management from anywhere in the world

RPM30241EV6_hero_phone160x200Last week, Minuteman announced the release of three new Minuteman Remote Power Managers, the latest addition to a line of remote power management solutions. The RPM-EV6 series of products are IP-addressable managers that allow administrators and technicians to remotely control the power to connected servers, network equipment, and security devices, eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming service calls to reboot unresponsive devices. By using an RPM, a locked-up device can be quickly re-started from a PC, lap-top, tablet or smart phone from anywhere in the world.

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DAS Part One: What is DAS?

Part One of Minuteman’s Series: All About DAS

DAS ThumbnailWe here in Texas love our football and we here at Minuteman LOVE our baseball. Now, imagine being in a football or baseball stadium filled with tens of thousands of screaming fans, all with phones pulling at the network signal, how’s the reception? Can you still text your friend the score with those thousands of phones clogging the signal? With the help of DAS, you can.

Distributed antenna systems (DAS) are networks of antennas that help to alleviate the stress on a single network signal and provide better connectivity for wireless devices. This post is the first in a series in which we explore DAS in-depth and how Minuteman plays a role in the growing marketplace.

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New Product: Remote Power Manager, RPM 1521E

New product offers complete management from anywhere in the world

RPM1521E_w_phone_160x200Today, Minuteman announced the release of the RPM1521E, the latest in a line of remote power management products, featuring a variety of upgraded features and capabilities.

Designed to eliminate downtime and costly service calls, this new RPM offers individual outlet control with remote re-start, monitoring, and management over all connected devices making it ideal for security systems, retail point of sale systems, telephone/VoIP systems, servers and network peripherals.

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IMG-20151210-WA0009TECNELEC DE ANTIOQUIA S.A se presentó en la Feria Internacional del Sector Eléctrico durante el mes de Noviembre. FISE, tuvo lugar en la Plaza Mayor Conventions and Exhibitions Center de Medellín durante los días 25 al 27 de Noviembre, esta es una importante feria internacional del sector eléctrico. El evento especializado pretende mostrar, mejorar y promover la industria eléctrica colombiana como un pilar estratégico que contribuye al desarrollo del país y la región, para aumentar sus ventas y su participación en los mercados nacionales e internacionales.

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Video: All New Entrust LCD Product Tour

Minuteman Launches New Entrust LCD as Addition to the Popular Entrust Line

Untitled-3With its feature-rich design, the all-new Entrust LCD offers complete protection for smaller applications across all markets, from security to computers.

The Minuteman Entrust LCD Series UPS provides users all the features usually available in higher-priced UPS products to protect your valuable equipment: automatic voltage regulation, spike and surge protection, and battery backup, all in a surprisingly compact package.

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New Product: Entrust LCD Series UPS

New product line offers ultimate line interactive protection in an ultra-compact tower

entrust_lcd_application_2We here at Minuteman are pleased to announce the newest addition to the popular Entrust line of UPSs, the Entrust LCD.

These battery backup systems utilize automatic voltage regulation technology and provide the same unmatched protection as the popular Entrust line with a host of new features. New for the line are a real-time LCD status display, tool-less battery panel, and ENERGY STAR certification, making the new Entrust LCD an option for users and specifiers of all knowledge levels.

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Minuteman Partners with GIGANET in Latin America

Minuteman in Honduras and Guatemala with GIGANET

CAM01373After a recent trip down to Latin America for the IT NOW show, Minuteman’s International Sales Manager, Enrique Castro, announced the partnership with authorized distributor, GIGANET Communications, in both Guatemala and Honduras.

In a note welcoming them to the team of Minuteman Partners, Castro introduces GIGANET as a specialized distributor with over 33 years of experience in the industry. GIGANET comminications along with Minuteman will offer unmatched customer and product support. Read the full statement below in both English and Spanish.

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TechTip: Power Protection when Lightning Strikes

Protecting Businesses from Summer Storms

bigstock-Silhouette-Of-Power-Lines-91670837While many of us think of beaches, vacations, and sweltering temperatures when it comes to summer, in the power industry, we have a bit of a different perspective. To Minuteman Power, summer often spells trouble. Between summer storms, lightning strikes, and heat waves, summer is the perfect storm, no pun intended, of power problems for homes and businesses. Now, for many homes, an outage or a power surge might not be detrimental, for businesses it’s a completely different story. Something as simple as lightning could wreak havoc on businesses and their equipment, specifically servers and networks.

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TechTip: When Power Problems Hit Home

Why power protection isn’t just for businesses

bigstock-House-Lightning-269211It’s no secret that our PowerBlog spends a significant amount of time detailing how businesses can utilize UPS systems and power management devices to better protect themselves from downtime and equipment damage. While an absence of power protection can have significant effects on businesses, from security concerns to damaged equipment, a lack of power protection at home can prove just as costly. For some, power outages may be a simple inconvenience but for others, power problems outages can mean costly repair bills. For Minuteman’s Western Region Sales Manager, Mark McGuire, and his neighbor, this was just the case. Continue reading