Keeping DAS Systems Up and Running

Maintaining uptime for DAS systems is critical; finding the right power backup solution can be tricky. 

bigstock-Cellular-Tower-On-The-Top-Of-M-58283645Very often, many installations call for long backup times.  Minuteman frequently encounters these requests and offers more options than any other UPS manufacturer. As an early pioneer in extended runtime applications, Minuteman was the first UPS manufacturer to offer a UPS with external battery pack capability in the 3kVA and below market.  Interestingly, telecommunications installations used to be the biggest demand for long run-time UPSs.  It seems as though users wanted their phones to stay up and running longer than the 10-15 minutes a typical UPS would provide.  Imagine that!

Today, things haven’t changed.  This is not surprising; wireless users now expect their phones to work anytime, anywhere – even when there’s an extended power outage.

DAS systems were developed to extend wireless coverage, but when coverage expanded and wireless signals gained in strength, the expectation is that signal availability is there 24/7, even when there’s no power.

According to a JD Power & Associates study, business customers had on average 5.7 outages per year.  Of those outages, an average of 1.1 outages per year lasted more than an hour, and the average extended outage lasted 7.9 hours.

Although most power outages are short-lived, long outages can certainly create havoc and exacerbate the inconvenience of no communications.  We all know that when mobile phones don’t work, panic ensues for many users.

Minuteman offers a variety of solutions to protect from lengthy power outages. The Endeavor series of on-line UPSs and the EnterprisePlus series of line-interactive UPSs offer extended runtime options by adding external battery packs.  A virtually unlimited number of battery packs can be added for both product lines, and two sizes of battery packs are available.  The XL battery packs are the standard size, and the EXL battery packs offer 3-5 times the battery capacity of the XL versions, depending on the model of UPS.  Both sizes can be combined into a system to achieve the desired backup time.  Further details on extended runtime options here.

Typical 5+kVA UPS system featuring both high and low voltage output via stepdown transformer

Typical 5+kVA UPS system featuring both high and low voltage output via stepdown transformer

Determining which UPS and how many battery packs are required for long runtimes is made easy with Minuteman’s  In using this handy tool, step one is to calculate how much power consumption the DAS system requires (total load).  Once this is determined and other parameters are selected, SizeMyUPS does the rest of the work.  Minuteman has assisted in selling solutions with requirements for 2 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours and even 24 hours of backup time for DAS systems.

For extended runtime DAS applications, contact Minuteman.  Here’s a simple on-line form, and we guarantee a quick response.