Why Power Backup is Important for Cloud Based Services

Power Protection for cloud computing has never been more important.

With the rise of cloud computing as the an important current trend in information technology, it has never been more important to focus on power protection and power backup.  Across the world, businesses are using cloud based services for good reasons – for its general reliability and to save money.  But once the power goes out, which has been occurring more and more in the US, without power backup many businesses can kiss their ROI goodbye.

The Cloud Era of the 21st Century

All cloud-based services require a network connection, and every network requires a router.  Routers need power (you can see where this is going), so if the power goes out to the router or switch that supports the connection to the cloud service provider, employees may be left without access to a service that most businesses rely on.

With so much riding on cloud services, businesses need to take steps to ensure the connection to their cloud provider remains up and running.


Possible Methods of Protecting Your Network

The popularity of cloud based applications calls for businesses to take steps to ensure the connection to their cloud provider remains up and running. One way is to have two different Internet connections, so that a backup is available in the event one of them goes down.

However, this does not address what happens in the event of a power outage. In that case, the router or switch that supports the Internet connections would also go down and the company would be out of luck.

To prevent that, businesses must protect those routers and switches with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). UPSs perform a number of functions for IT equipment, including ensuring “clean” power that is free from any distortions or surges that can damage the equipment. They also include batteries that power the equipment during an outage.

Cloud Computing and Minuteman

If your business uses cloud computing, it is imperative that you make sure your power is backed up and protected by a UPS.  Minuteman’s line of UPS systems provide cloud based service computing with backup power and protection from everything from blackouts to surges and spikes.

Minuteman also offers remote power managers, which are a growing and popular way to eliminate downtime and costly service calls.  Minuteman’s RPMs offer individual outlet control with remote re-start, monitoring, and management over all connected devices, making it ideal for protecting cloud based services and networks.

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