TechTip: Minuteman CCTV Power Guide

The latest camera spec means nothing without a reliable power source

cctv_power_guideCamera technology is advancing faster than ever – just open a security industry magazine and see it for yourself. 4K resolution, 360-degree view, infrared night vision; pure science fiction at your fingertips. None of it, however, matters much without the proper power protection plan in place.

Without power, every camera has the same resolution, field of view, and contrast ratio – zero. Fortunately, Minuteman has made the process of selecting the proper UPS system for cameras and DVRs a simple one with our new CCTV Power Guide. Find out more after the jump.

The Proper Protection at the tip of your fingers

Minuteman’s CCTV Power Guide provides a comprehensive listing of UPS solutions for a wide range of common camera and DVR combinations. The simple chart breaks things down by number of cameras, DVR type, and into analog and digital systems to make meeting user needs an easy process.

Simply start in the analog or digital column and find the number of cameras you will be using, then match up the desired runtime to the proper UPS for the application.

The CCTV Power Guide is a free download, and can be found here: Minuteman CCTV Power Guide Download

Going a Step Further

Need longer runtimes? Pairing up a CCTV system with network or other devices? We’ve got a solution for that too, at

SizeMyUPS allows you to select all of the equipment being backed up from an extensive database and receive an extensive list of options that will meet your needs. You can sort the options by runtime, MSRP, and even use the tool to narrow the selection down based on options like rackmount only or high temperature.

Without power, there is no security

Providing fail-safe protection for security devices is an absolute necessity. A security system failure exposes patrons to danger, and leaves business owners and administrators facing extreme liabilities. Make the power protection process easy with these tools from Minuteman!

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