PowerNews: Power Outages and Snowless Snowdays

bigstock-Winter-School-Buses--2488025It Doesn’t Take a Winter Storm to Shut Down Schools and Businesses

While here in Texas we are enjoying a beautiful 65 degree January, schools, homes, and businesses across the country are not so lucky. According to WCNC, two schools in Charlotte, North Carolina were forced to clothes in early January because of power outages, proving that it doesn’t always take ice storms and blizzards to shut down schools and businesses.

While a power outage at a school in April or May wouldn’t seem like a reason to shut down systems, a power outage in the middle of winter certainly is cause for concern. With temperatures cold enough to cause outages, some school districts are being forced to close down schools altogether because of student and faculty safety concerns. An official for the closed schools said, “they do not want students in those schools without power due to the cold weather in the Charlotte region.”

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In our most recent blog post, our Marketing Director, Bill Allen highlighted some of the major concerns surrounding power and winter weather, including ice accumulation and winter storms. He also outlined how these storms can cause power problems, such as blackouts and brownouts during winter months that can have an effect on homes and businesses.

Thus, while storms seem like the biggest concern to power no matter what time of year, they Traffic And Snowstorm On The Highwayaren’t always the culprit of power problems. Much like high summer temperatures causing outages and brownouts through equipment failure, extremely low winter temperatures can wreck havoc on systems as well. In his post, Allen stressed, “The low cost of protecting essential equipment, even during the winter months, can not only lower the risk of business interruption, it can also lead to fewer gray hairs system managers may get during the wintry cold blasts Mother Nature sends our way.”

Much like the postal service: rain, shine, sleet or hail will not stop a UPS from keeping you and your business protected.

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