ISC West 2014 Wrap Up and Security Power Tips

Impressions from Vegas and power tips from our Security Experts

ISC-WestWith a wide variety of trade shows and expos on the Minuteman calendar, ISC West is certainly one that stands out. With its wide range of exhibitors and attendees, the security show has a lot to offer. Last week Minuteman exhibited at ISC West in Las Vegas and brought me, the newbie along to learn a thing or two. As a follow-up to the show here are some great tips from our security experts, Daniel Barrera and Mark McGuire, about power protection in the security industry.

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If some of you don’t know by now, I’m the newbie, as in the Newbie’s Nook newbie. Last week was a certainly a week of firsts for me: first time traveling with a company, first trade show, and first time to Vegas! Given the combination of firsts and being the rookie of the bunch, I was in for lots of listening and a definite learning curve. Luckily, I had the director of marketing and Minuteman’s two security gurus to teach me, as well as a lot of other attendees, the importance of power protection in the security space.

Here are a few tips and answers to frequently asked questions from Daniel and Mark about power protection equipment and how it fits in the security marketplace:

Tips from Daniel:

1.) Manage devices more efficiently with Remote Power Management


The ability to manage multiple sites remotely, though the use of an RPM, leads to huge savings, both time- and cost-wise, for companies responsible for managing their customers’ security equipment. With the time, manpower, and hourly charges spent to sometimes just press the reset button, having a remote power manager to control locations that are not easily accessible or out of the way is a great benefit. (read more in our RPM blog post)

2.) Use Surge Protection as your starting point

Another point that was stressed quite frequently was the importance of having something to protect equipment, whether that’s a UPS or simply a surge protector. Surge protection differs from UPS protection because it will not keep your equipment running, but it will certainly keep it protected. Because power problems have the potential to cut equipment life in half, proper surge protection becomes essential in helping to ensure the health and longevity of equipment.

3.) Make sure it’s right with

sizemyups_eplus_dropdownOne of the most frequently asked questions from ISC was regarding equipment and UPS sizing. Since security set ups can vary so widely, it can be hard to determine exact specification in a short booth conversation. However, MInuteman has provided a site,, that allows users of all skill levels to either select their equipment from our database, or input their known power measurements and ratings to determine the perfect fit for any system.

FAQ from Mark:

1.) If the battery in my UPS drains completely, will I have to push a button to restart?


We got this one a lot, and the short answer is …yes and no. All Minuteman UPS come with an Auto-restart feature. If the batteries in the UPS are simply dead because they were exhausted during an extended blackout, then when utility power returns, the UPS will automatically begin recharging the batteries and the UPS will operate in normal AC mode, passing through the utility power to the connected equipment. If the batteries are several years old, completely dead, and will not hold any kind of a charge, supplying power to connected equipment after a blackout will require a feature called Independent Battery Bypass, (IBB). Many of the rackmount UPS that Minuteman makes utilize IBB and will auto restart – every time – regardless of battery conditions. It’s still important to ask your Salesperson which UPS in the Minuteman line have this specific feature.

2.) Where can I buy your UPS? We value our Distribution brothers and sisters. We don’t sell direct and we don’t sell in retail stores – to find where we are sold go to our webpage and click the BUY button –

3.) How long should batteries last? They should last during the warranty period, at the least. If they don’t, contact our tech support, as our batteries are warrantied fully, during the warranty period (two or three years, depending on the UPS). Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t prorate the replacement value of the battery/module.

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While power protection is a valuable asset in most spaces, in the security industry, it’s essential. For instance, if a computer goes down in a retail shop, it will be an inconvenience and maybe some downtime. However, if a security system goes down it becomes a far greater issue than just downtime – the safety of both life and property hang in the balance.

Read more about the importance of power protection in our Security Blog Post and Security and Power White Paper. And don’t forget to check out our full line of Minuteman products to keep you on and protected.