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Founded in 1982, Para Systems, Inc. is a privately held corporation that manufactures the Minuteman line of Power Protection products. Our product lines include single phase Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs), Surge Protectors, Remote Power Managers (RPMs), and Power Distribution Units (PDUs). Headquartered in Carrollton, Texas, our products are sold throughout the US, Canada, and Central and South America.

We strive to deliver high-value products that fit customer demands, and back them up with responsive, personal support before and after the sale.

Our products are sold through our network of quality distributors and resellers.

Download the Minuteman Company Profile (PDF) for more information.

Where to find Minuteman

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Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Standby UPS Systems

Minuteman® standby UPS systems are our most inexpensive backup power option, and are ideal for small load systems including workstations, small phone systems, and small security devices such as DVRs and intrusion systems. The Enspire™ Standby UPS is available in 350 to 900VA models, with 8 to 10 total outlets, ensuring a space for every device in your system. In addition, each unit is wall-mountable for added versatility.

Line Interactive UPS Systems

Minuteman line-interactive UPS systems represent the next step up in protection. The ultra compact Entrust LCD Series UPS is available in 550 to 1500VA, and provides a simulated sine wave that is ideal for network devices, security, and telephone systems. For devices with sensitive electrical components, Minuteman's EnterprisePlus LCD Series UPSs offer pure sine wave output, which mirrors utility power. These rack/tower systems are available in 750VA to 3kVA, suitable for a wide range of applications.

On-line UPS Systems

Minuteman's on-line UPS products provide the absolute best power quality for the most critical applications, including large servers and network devices, sensitive industrial equipment, and more. Three versions of the Endeavor On-line UPS are available, including the Endeavor® 5-10kVA rack/tower UPS, Endeavor® 1-3kVA rack/tower UPSs, and Endeavor® 6 & 10kVA tower UPSs. Each of these products offers extended runtime capability, and are available in numerous configurations, voltages, and runtimes, ensuring the right solution for your large application.

Reliability & Peace of Mind

Minuteman's UPS products carry exceptional warranty coverage, including 3-year parts & labor coverage with non-prorated battery protection on most single phase units. 5-year extended warranty plans are also available on most of these units, and can include free replacement batteries. These plans add significantly to the value of the Minuteman UPS system, and ensure a trouble-free ownership experience.

Surge Suppressors

Minuteman's MMS Series surge suppressors offer features including rotating outlets, slimline designs, long power cords, and substantial joule ratings. These combine with value-pricing and a phenomenal connected equipment warranty to provide users with peace of mind for protecting non-vital equipment from crippling surges and spikes in utility power.

Remote Power Management

Minuteman Remote Power Managers are ip-addressable PDUs that allow administrators and technicians to remotely control the power to connected servers, network equipment, and security devices. This ability eliminates the need for wasteful service calls to reboot locked devices. In addition, each RPM also has the capability to perform regularly scheduled shutdowns and startups, offering cost savings via reduced energy consumption.

Power Distribution Units (PDU)

A number of Minuteman power distribution units are available with up to 24-outlet units, along with 15 and 20Amp receptacles. Both vertical and/or horizontal mounting units are available. All units have 15-foot power cords. Some units offer surge protection, amp metered and IP addressing,

When considering the purchase of a Power Protection product, make sure it's a Minuteman UPS.

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